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Welcome to the ENABLE-LVAD Training course – A place where you can learn to provide support for caregivers.

ENABLE (Educate, Nurture, Advise Before Life Ends) is an evidence-based training program designed to teach clinicians how to provide structured support and skill development to caregivers of patients with left ventricular assist devices (LVADs).

The course is:

        – Designed for LVAD coordinators, nurses, social workers, and other clinicians

         – Free of charge

        – Completely online

        – Self-paced and asynchronous

        – Takes about 4 hours to complete

The course provides 4.5 CME credit hours and an ENABLE certification upon completion.

ENABLE-LVAD teaches you how to become a coach to caregivers and provide resources and materials to caregivers over the phone or virtually. It can be used to enhance the caregiver support you may already be providing, and to help make those conversations more efficient and resource-directed.

This course consists of an introduction, 4 modules, and conclusion following the Charting Your Course booklet that can be provided to caregivers.

Modules in the course cover how to help caregivers develop the following skills:

         1.  How to Handle Problems

         2.  Taking Care of You

         3.  Being a Partner in Symptom Management

         4. Talking About What Matters Most and Making Decisions

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The course modules consist of videos, readings, learning activities, and other resources for the trainee. The training will: 1) provide background information, 2) give content for you to share with caregivers, 3) share tips and best practices for communicating with caregivers, and (4) allow you to practice communication skills.

ENABLE-LVAD was adapted from a well-established and tested early-palliative care training for patients with cancer and heart failure and their caregivers. The original ENABLE was developed by researchers at the University of Alabama Birmingham over the last two decades. The overall goal of ENABLE is to provide support and resources to patients with chronic progressive illness and their caregivers.

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To access the course once registered, use the same link and sign in by entering the same exact email address, first name and last name you used during registration. This will take you to the spot in the course where you last left off.

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Click here to access our Online Support Group for caregivers of people with heart failure or LVADs. You can share this webpage with your local caregivers for additional support and to connect with others.

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